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Its natural wonders

Pantano wood: ha500 of wood tight united with the coast, outstreched in the direction of
inland with temperate-humid climate, different from hot-humid climate typical of Jonic
litoral. This allowed the development of models of uncommon beauty. This is, also, a
strategic zone for migration of birds. A part of wood is now a natural oasis of WWF.


Natinal Museum of Siritide and Archaeological Park: here you'll find documents of Prehistoric,
Archaic, Classic, Ellenistic, Roman and Medieval life of this land: Enotri, Lucani, Greeks of
Siris and Heraclea...

Baron's Castle: its origins seems to go back to XIII-XIV sec.d.C. During its history underwent
various remakings.

Sanctuary Bridge's Virgin Mary: rural church where is preserved a ligneous statue iof Virgin
Mary with Child that goes back to XIII-XIV sec.d.C.

Folk festivity

International Show of Fashion and Hair-style with Prize Siritide Basilicata Style: in

Feast of strawberry: in june